Review: The Polar Pillow

Jun 06, 12 Review: The Polar Pillow

It’s been a long day, it’s time to hit the old dusty trail. Over to the bedroom where you can lay your head on a pillow and bunk down for long nights rest. Sounds nice. Then your head explodes.

Well it got your attention didn’t it? But if you’ve ever tossed and turned and flipped your pillow over a dozen times you’ve probably suffered from that strange little malady you never thought of fixing – “hot pillow” – Not just a terrible name for an adult film, but that very real feeling when your pillow gets too hot and makes it hard to sleep.

Definitely filling that ‘niche you never knew existed’ comes Polar Pillow out of left field. It’s a gel-filled pillow that contains a magic mixture that actually draws in cold and retains it so that when you lay your big heavy dome down to sleep, it releases a good 2+ hours of coolness to your hot tired brain.

You’ve either had this problem or you haven’t but most people I know, know about the ‘cool side of the pillow’. Let’s go over the basics:

Does it Work?

Yes. Short answer I know. It is surprisingly cool and when you lay your head on it – it’s noticeably cool for about 20 minutes then you kind of stop noticing. But their claim of about 2 hours is correct, or plenty of time to fall asleep with a cool head. It doesn’t get crazy hot later either it just comes up to about ‘normal’ pillow temperature.

It’s a nice feeling to lay your head down on a cool surface. While the pillow is a bit odd it’s fairly comfortable and there’s no real downside. It helps me get a better nights sleep.

Looks & Feel

Well, we have to say, it’s not what you’d expect. This thing is filled with magic gel, that’s how it does what it does. Instead of Gel, think ‘water’ while it’s clearly not water it has roughly the same weight equivalent. So this thing weighs a ton. It will crush another pillow beneath it. If you were to pillow fight with this you’d probably kill someone, or yourself.

Seriously this baby is like 12-13 pounds at least. Not what you’re used to with a pillow. But since you don’t exactly walk around with a pillow (right?) it’s not that big of a deal. My only complaint is that the overall area of the pillow isn’t very big. It’s roughly ⅔ the size of my other pillow if even a bit smaller. I’m sure to make this actual pillow size would require it to weigh a metric ton. But it feels well made and after you put a (probably too big) pillow case on it, you don’t think about it much


I guess that’s sort of the point. Don’t think about it. When you get this delivered. It doesn’t have instructions (beyond washing instructions – spot clean etc) It’s a pillow. It’s not a TV remote control. You simply put a pillow case over this and make it your new top/only pillow. That’s what I’ve done and I’ve been very happy with the results. It does in fact keep your head cool for a few hours. It’s also a fairly comfortable pillow.

I’m happy enough to have a comfortable pillow, much less one filled with voodoo that keeps my head cool, which is a concern, because this brain runs hot. Score your own here for a cool (ha) 99 dollars.

  • Amazingrace32117

    ARE YOU SERIOUS??!!!?? $99???!!!

    • Adam

      There are plenty of pillows out there that do less and cost more…

  • Glenn F. Burbage

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