Review: MoonRock In-Ear Headphones

Dec 13, 11 Review: MoonRock In-Ear Headphones

One of our favorite styles is the kind that disappears. The iconic Apple design has mastered slick looking devices that fade away and focus on what you’re doing. Moshi has a habit of doing this too. We liked their high-end earbuds so much we elected to try out their mid-range pair as well. Let’s see what we found…


Our motto: If it doesn’t sound good, the rest doesn’t matter. The first thing we do is ignore everything about these, and just listen. Luckily Moshi seems to have the magic juice in their factory, because EVERY set they make sounds great. We are comparing these directly to their higher end “Vortex” headphones which earned very high marks. The Moonrocks hold their own, even against earbuds twice the price. They have a surprisingly bold and clear sound with a focus down the middle and on general clarity. They don’t have the ridiculous low-end that you’ll find in the vortex series but as far as a quality pair of headphones go, these easily match up. They remain static and noise free throughout 95 percent of the volume spectrum. At maximum volume with SOME music types there’s¬†occasionally¬†distortion. But this is far and above what I’m come to expect from sub-50 dollar headphones or earbuds in general. We threw Beck, Creedence Clearwater, Rammstein, Rihanna and Eminem at them and everything stuck. It seems to handle rock and alternative better than most although it fell short in some of the bass for Rihanna and Eminem which have a TON of bass/sub-content. We were generally impressed however and can’t point to any other significant weak point. They still bump better than we hoped.


We love the clean lines and the way the headphones fold into the case and become totally seamless. This seems to be Moshi’s thing, blending a carrying case into the product, it’s a very nice touch. The flat backing of the earbuds also look nicer in-ear as a lot of other sets look vaguely alien or silly, these are low key and simple. We’re reminded of Apple and that’s no mistake because these are a perfect companion to the iphone. Miles above the standard earbud/headset combo, for a reasonable price. Heck it costs almost this much to buy the stock apple headset and you’re getting a lot more for your value. The carrying case itself is sleek and easy to use. You can wind up your cords, plug in your earbuds and toss it in a pocket with nothing to worry about. Topped off with a nice length cable and a lot of color options there’s something here for everyone.


The box it comes in, isn’t always important, but it’s nice to note that Moshi packs a pretty package. These come well organized with various sized ear-buds laid out for you (so you can custom fit) in a tight package that’s frustration free. We liked to see more of the functionality and simplicity that moshi puts into all their boxing/packaging. No complaints here.


With a wired inline headset/microphone and click to call/answer button these are definitely handy. The general call quality was slightly above average but nothing to write home about. We could make clear distinct calls in perfect conditions and while there’s no effective noise cancelling or other built in technology, these fall soundly into the ‘perfectly functional’ category. There is a bit of noise travel on the cord itself and it could have benefitted from the same cloth/fiber weave you get on the doubly expensive ‘Vortex” headphones. While you can’t have it all for 40 bucks, you can get most of the way there.


Moshi puts thought and care into every one of their audio products and the results show. The story at the end of the day is that these rule inside their price point and category. As an entry level headphone/headset combo for the price, these are top notch. You can get a dozen other brands for 20-40 dollars that don’t get CLOSE to this level of general music quality and may or may not even include a headset/microphone. We deemed the Vortex “best in class” and while the Moonrocks are a definitive step down, they are also a strong contender for best headphones at this price point. You could do a lot worse with your money and if you have piles of tangled, broken, and low-quality earbuds laying around, these will remain (comfortably) in your pocket.