Review: Mercy Hangover Relief Beverage

Nov 14, 11 Review: Mercy Hangover Relief Beverage

Alcohol. It’s hard to mix with responsibility. Sometimes we learn our lessons, sometimes we don’t. So if last weekend you bombed down 9 Gin & Tonic’s and a couple of Heineken’s, you probably remember the ear-ringing floor-gripping aftermath of the morning after. Or maybe not.

There’s a new kid in town called “Mercy” Hangover Relief Beverage. They were kind enough to sling us a 4-pack and wish us luck on our quest to test. You see, the only way, really, to give you an honest review is to get drunk.

Sorry, it’s true. We have to do this. IT’S FOR SCIENCE!

Step 1: Boozing

Because we love you very much. We have elected to subject ourselves to a full-blown hangover. Or at least the danger of one. I teamed up with fellow geek Colter and we drank the following.

  • 1 Fifth of Seagrams Dry Gin (1/2 bottle each)
  • 1 Liter of Tonic
  • 3 Limes
  • 2 Heineken’s (each)

This equated to roughly 8 or 9 drinks each. Depending on how heavy you prefer your drinks, your mileage may vary, but ultimately if you’re killing half a bottle and a few beers I’d say it’s guaranteed that you’re getting drunk. Unless you’re a magical liquor-unicorn or drink way too much in general. Needless to say, we got good and boozed.

We’re not regular alcoholics, so the result is that we got pretty tanked. We avoided food and water as well.

Step 2: Add Mercy

The Mercy drink itself comes in a very cool package. A pack of four comes in a shiny silver cardboard wrapper. And the drinks themselves are rather small and stylish. According to Mercy’s website you can drink the beverage solo on its own or even use it as a mixer. To avoid any confusion we each had 2 Mercy’s in-between our big cups of shame.

Taste: It’s surprisingly neutral. One thing to note is that Mercy does not contain caffeine. It’s NOT an energy drink. So it doesn’t immediately have that red-bull/energy drink taste to it. It’s actually pretty light and refreshing. There’s a hint of vitamins and otherwise it’s a bit hard to nail down. We mixed a little mercy and gin as well, just to try it and it works great. I’m not sure you’d just want to knock one back for the hell of it – but it’s certainly not a bad drink for any occasion.

Science: There’s a lot of info on their site, and in particular on their FAQ (here) so if you want the actual science-y reasons or ingredients feel free. Here’s an excerpt:

MERCY has a blend of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and herbs, each of which plays an important role in helping your body stop a hangover before it even starts. Our ingredients are effective individually. And, when they join forces, they’re even more beneficial.

What it actually claims to do, above and beyond simply ‘taking some vitamins’ is they have created a batch of the stuff that is specifically depleted while drinking. While throwing in a mix of things your body would need to make more of what you do need to counteract the effects. It’s kind of a one-two combo punch against hangovers both for the night and for the morning after.

Step 3: The Morning After…

I’d like you to understand when I say it was difficult to record our exact time of sleep and time of waking. As there were a couple of factors working against us. Namely seeing double, but for a rough idea, we drank from about 9pm to 12 midnight and passed out shortly after.

8 Hours Sleep: Some of you might have to get up in 6 hours, some of you might be able to sleep it off for a good solid 12 hours. We both woke up naturally, after about 8 hours of sleep. Pretty standard.

Waking Up: I woke up and looked around me, remembering the night before and wondering if I was about to experience the room spinning or a quick trip to the bathroom. But I felt surprisingly normal. I stood up, walked around and had a glass of water. I read for a few minutes (to see if I could focus) and… nothing. I’m impressed.

Person #2: The reason we jumped Colter in on this experiment, besides our mutual love of Gin & Tonic’s is that we needed an instant ‘second opinion’ so that under the same circumstances – we would have another point of view. He also woke up after 8 hours and despite my overwhelming temptation to burst in playing the tambourine (on the off-chance it didn’t work) he was alert, aware and was also surprised to find that he was “fine”.

Caveat: I will note, I did have a sour stomach, which I kind of expected, although Coulter did not. I drank some water and for the most part felt better after about 30 minutes. The fact that a fairly decent bender ended up in a very mild discomfort for ONE of us the morning after and pretty much nothing else, blew me away.

Step 4: It Works!

You’ve had the breakdown of how we tested it. But to summarize here. It seems that even on a relatively heavy night of drinking. The recommended 1x Mercy for every 5x Drinks seems to be effective. Not just effective, Miraculous. Their website subtly alludes to a “Gift from God” kind of vibe and it didn’t make sense until the next morning. Some people have reported that this isn’t effective. But as near as we can tell, when used as directed. This stuff is sent from the heavens to get rid of the worst part of drinking.

For those on the go, or who have to work the next morning, or simply get hangovers pretty easily and want to avoid them. This stuff works, and it’s a pretty sweet deal. Also keep in mind. It doesn’t KEEP you from getting drunk. It doesn’t make your lifestyle healthier. It should also NOT be used to justify or extend a descent into alcoholism. With that public service announcement out-of-the-way. We do recommend you keep a package of Mercy on-hand at all times. Because they finally canned a miracle.

  • Beth Bonds

    I digg the drink. BUT! You need to have a controlled experiment. Drink the same amount of alcohol and instead of this expensive ass miracle potion, drink the same amount of WATER! H2O: it makes the world go round.

    • Adam

      The drink is very small. So it doesn’t equate to much water – also I’ve had way more water and still had a hangover even with less booze

    • Tenzo

      It’s only $2.49, and if it can get you to work the next morning successfully therefore saving you a sick day – it’s not that expensive!

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