Review: Logitech Laser Mouse G9X

Feb 20, 12 Review: Logitech Laser Mouse G9X

One of the biggest purveyors of all things input & output is Logitech and over the past few years, they’ve delved more and more into being a gaming brand. Recently there’s been a lot of interesting “Gamer” mouse and keyboard style peripherals but Logitech brings an experienced hand and some heavy clout to the field with their Laser Mouse G9X – In particular their “Call of Duty” specific branded version is what we’re covering here today. As we said, Logitech is a brand name, they know their stuff. When they came out with their first line of gaming keyboards and gaming mice, they knocked it out of the park pretty well. But some people were unenthused. Now several generations in we’re dealing with the latest & greatest of what they have to offer. Let’s start with the hard facts. Specs

  • On-The-Fly adjustable DPI up to 5700 dpi
  • On board memory system
  • Custom Weight Tuning System
  • Custom LED color settings
  • Interchangeable hand-grips
  • MicroGear Scroll Wheel
  • Polytetrafluoroethylene feet
  • Swappable Hand Grip Textures

Feature Breakdown

I think you can tell by what’s available, that they’re not frakking around. We’ll go over a summary on how it plays in general (and in Call of Duty: MW3) in a minute. First, let’s go over these specs and what each one means to you.

On the fly Adjustable DPI (5700) From 200 dpi up to a damn near insane 5700 dpi you can adjust the speed of this mouse on the fly. One thing I’ve noticed with high DPI gaming mice like these is that the highest setting is often ‘too high’ I spend most of my time a notch or two down from maximum or it’s simply too twitchy. Also some game menu’s seem to work at a different DPI than the gameplay itself. For example “Borderlands” has a different DPI input during menu navigation than during live gameplay. The on the fly setting takes care of this but it’s still annoying. Although this isn’t specific to Logitech as we ran into this with a Cyborg R.A.T. as well.

On Board Memory System Profiles for DPI, settings, LED colors and more can be loaded into the mouse itself and taken with you on the go. I could see this being handy for LAN gamers or professional gamers. But for those of us that ‘just play at one computer’ (how quaint) It doesn’t serve much purpose. Nice that it’s there and using the software it’s fairly easy to do.

Weight Tuning System is exactly that, it comes with a variety of weights in a snappy little tin container that allow you to alter the weight from extremely light to fairly hefty and dense. Our only complaint here is that you can feel a very faint shake within the device when the weights shift but you don’t notice it during gameplay at all.

Custom LED Colors seem to be more and more of a staple nowadays on gaming peripherals, we love our bells and whistles. But it’s exactly that. A nice feature is that you can match the G9X Led’s to whatever other peripherals. Especially if you’re using the Logitech G19 Gaming keyboard that comes with the ability for multiple LED color configurations.

The Microgear scroll wheel and Polytetrafluoroethylene feet are just little Logitech touches for a smoother experience. The wheel is silky with a light touch that still gives decent feedback. It comes with some scrolling ‘software’ as well, that’s meant for browsers, but we weren’t fans of that (more later) and the chemically smoothed/treated feet are a slick little joy and helps the mouse glide effortlessly across most surfaces.

Swappable Handgrip Textures allow you to choose a different texture and feel from slick and smooth to grippy and slightly rubberized. (we like grippy)

Call of Duty MW3 Lustgadget G9x Review

Real Deal

We’ve talked features and specs, but what’s the real world experience? Once you get this mouse configured it tends to get out-of-the-way. It doesn’t actually have a ton of stuff to do. Which is appropriate. It’s weighted nicely and works amazingly. It quickly fades in the background and doesn’t even look very extravagant or assuming. It’s more about getting the job done. In Call of Duty 3 and several other FPS titles we managed to get to the top of our game quickly and efficiently. The varied handgrips for the mouse coupled with the exact science of weighting it – just the way you like it – let’s you create a comfortable combo that quickly ceases to distract you from the game at hand.


Variable DPI – The DPI scale as mentioned earlier is probably overkill in some situations but that’s better than being underpowered. A very nice touch is the super simple interface  to change the DPI scaling via the quick-change button. So you can make it so that you select the DPI settings from minimum to maximum (i.e. 200 dpi, 800 dpi, 2000 dpi, 5700 dpi) or any combination so that you know that the next step up or down is something you’ve pre-selected. This is a step above the competition and we really like the adjustable DPI levels for the quick change

Logitech G9x DPI scaling tool

Comfort – this is a perfectly comfortable mouse for long gaming sessions and it does seem to be very ergonomic and good for the long haul.

Weights – the extreme weight control is super nice, I like my mouse chunky and heavy for fine-grained control and it let’s me do that perfectly.


The DPI change button is extremely tiny and those with big hands will have trouble hitting it. However it’s still possible to accidentally hit it during frantic gaming – although this was very rare – I’d like a different placement altogether with bigger buttons for on the fly adjustments.

Scrolling software – there’s a plugin/feature for the mouse that is supposed to alter the way ‘scrolling’ works within browsers and programs that make the scrolling more smooth and responsive – like using a touch pad or a smart phone. What this translates to is that your pages continue to scroll with a jerky velocity after you’ve already stopped scrolling. It also caused a lot of our documents and web pages to drift slightly even after we’d finished scrolling for 10 seconds. This was a nice idea but completely doesn’t work and isn’t necessary. Luckily this is purely an optional windows-specific scroll feature and has no impact on gaming and can (and should be) ignored.



This is a great gaming mouse. There’s no 2 ways about it. The software is simple, the build quality is great and the feel of it is second to none. Logitech brings a lot of design experience to the table and they’re not afraid to throw everything they’ve learned at a product to make it stand out. It’s riddled with clever well thought out features that surprise you at every turn. It is branded for Call of Duty 3 – in coordination with the recent game release. But that really means it includes a nice branded shell and branded mousepad that a serious gamer probably wouldn’t use. Luckily there is no apparent premium so if you’re a fan of CoD Modern Warfare, there’s no harm in showing it with this select package. But there’s a perfectly identical and useful ‘unbranded’ version available as well.

The only real challenger to this mouse is the Cyborg RAT 7 which we’re covering in an upcoming review. While the RAT offers extreme hand customization the general package and ease of use factor is much more plug & play on the Logitech side of things.

Our favorite thing about this mouse is that it’s excellent for both day to day tasks and hardcore fast paced gaming sessions and for each task it fades into background does what it’s designed to do with no distractions. I don’t want an art piece or a laser show under my hand during an intense firefight, just a dependable firearm called the G9X to frag the day away.