Review: iKeyBoard iPad Keyboard Cover

Feb 11, 12 Review: iKeyBoard iPad Keyboard Cover

There’s a company called iKeyboard that makes a little smart device. It’s a piggyback keyboard for the iPad (1 or 2) that allows you to stick a physical keyboard over the ipad to give it a more tacticle feel. It’s removable, re-usable and looks a little ridiculous.

As this is one of our Quick Reviews, there’s not much to tell we’ll just give you the skinny on the ups and downs:


  • Goes on easy
  • Stays in place snugly
  • provides tactile feedback for typing
  • fairly standard sized keys


  • Looks a bit silly
  • the plastic bubbles for the keys don’t feel reliable
  • typing on the iPad kinda sucks even with this
  • There is no Semicolon (pinky) key on the ipad so touch typing is awkward and doesn’t really work
  • did we mention it looks a bit silly?


This is a quick and easy gadget to help you with typing on the iPad. If you’re the kind of person who does a lot of typing on the iPad or just doesn’t want to spend nearly the amount of money for a bluetooth keyboard it’s something to consider. But this is a bit gimmicky and will only please some people.

The iPad is much too small for real comfortable touch typing, and while that’s not the fault of the iKeyboard it keeps it from seriously letting you type as was intended. I think a bluetooth keyboard or keyboard iPad case would at least go ‘edge to edge’ as this only fits the size of the screen, people with big hands (like myself) are completely out of luck.

The cover isn’t just holes, there are actual plastic bubbles over the keys that provide a tactile feedback and actually get ‘pressed’ in – but they feel like they will break within a few weeks at best.

This is an interesting idea but not something I can seriously recommend to anyone but people shopping for someone who both owns an iPad, and whom they do not like.


  • Allegrotechie

    ..It doesn’t look bad at all, you have no idea

    • Weaselbringer

      It looks pretty crap dude…

  • Allegrotechie

    This is the worst review i’ve ever read

    • Weaselbringer

      This is the worst comment I’ve ever read 😉