Review: Evolution Ball Chair

Mar 24, 12 Review: Evolution Ball Chair

Considering how long we spend each day sitting (You DO work at a computer don’t you?) and how apparently unhealthy that process is for the human body, it’s about time someone came up with a few ideas. Enter, Evolution Chair. A seemingly odd-ball way of sitting down (pardon the pun) But does it help? Is it comfortable? Let’s find out.

Look And Feel

You might have some doubts as to whether or not you could even climb on a ball much less sit and work. But if you’ve ever used an exercise or pilates ball then you’ve probably run into these types of things before. They’re tough, surprisingly tough. You can sit, lay, and flop all over these types of sturdy¬†exercise¬†tools and not damage them in the least. The real twist here is the innovative base which makes this into a functional office chair. It’s sort of a hefty support base with rollers. It also elevates you to a more reasonable height for using a desk & keyboard.

The base, while nothing especially interesting is exceptionally thick and sturdy and quite easy to assemble. The general build quality is overall quite good. And the first impression (while daunting to actually ‘sit’ on a ball) is comfortable.


As mentioned earlier, it’s not healthy to sit in a chair all day. It’s bad for your circulation, you body sits fairly slack, it’s hard on your back muscles and spinal alignment, there seems to be no ends of side effects to sitting in a chair all day. What the Evolution chair purports to do is to force you to use your core muscles, sit up straighter and generally improve your overall health and bodily functions if your day to day lifestyle calls for sitting in a chair.

We’re no experts but the logic seems sound. After using the Evolution chair for several days there is an adjustment period where you tire a little more quickly and end up a bit sore. But the implied side effect is that you’re forced to actually use your core muscles to stay upright all day. So it feels a bit healthier to have put in some effort all day to stay up right, instead of simply slumping into a chair.


It’s hard after a fairly short period to know if this is something that will pay off big in the long run. We have no method to test this effectively over a long period of time, but we will report back after a sufficient length of time to see if it’s showing any real results. Despite the difficulty in measuring the ‘effects’ it’s still a safe bet that this is probably healthier for you.

A few years ago the people at Google were raving about these for desks and there is sufficient science behind the concept that working your muscles and increasing bloodflow are all good things. So the question is… is it worth it? Well that’s up to you, but what I can say, is that it works, it’s a chair, you can get your work done and just maybe, be a little healthier.


Plus, it’s kinda fun. We’d say it’s worth it. If you’ve been on the hunt for an office chair and looked at anything of quality you’ll see the more support and ergonomics built in, the more expensive it is, a high-end chair can cost up to 1000 dollars for your day to day comfort. We’d suggest starting here first($150), you might just be surprised…