IOGEAR’s High Capacity Mobile Power Station

Apr 12, 12 IOGEAR’s High Capacity Mobile Power Station

Could this be a Droid’s best friend from IOGear’s GearPower Line? It’s Possible. Often I am out and about at tech events (poking, prodding, and writing) where power is almost impossible to come by, unless I make friends with each booth and the often-occupied outlets of the presenters. Recently, IOGEAR was kind enough to send me this ingenious pocket-sized power supply for mobile devices and tablets.  And, I have been putting it to the test by trying it out with different mobile devices, tablets and such.

Well, little did they know how much I have lusted after the above mentioned gadget, and now I have one.  For you see my friends, I am an Android user who needs to have power like “Electric Jesus” (Nikola Tesla) himself commanded it.  If you don’t believe me, consider this: A few years ago, you could have found me tweeting, blogging, posting from the showroom floor(s) via my mobile devices (cell , tablet, net book), and you also would have seen a mysterious cable connected to my cell phone and backpack (power from my net book to my phone) !!??!!

Well, now I have this pocket sized, portable power supply (6,600 mAh battery) with the capability to power two USB devices, “using the Power Stations USB 2.1A and 1A power ports. Charge a tablet and a phone, or two phones at the same time with or any other combinations of devices* at the same time.” And, it’s awesome.

A list of compatible devices, should your interests be piqued:

  • Cell phones
  • Tablets
  • iPad 1 & 2 
  • iPhone 
  • iPod 
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • Kindle Fire
  • BlackBerrydevices
  • Digital cameras
  • Most MP3 players
  • Most devices which plug into a USB, or Micro-USB power source

*Some devices may get different results due to larger power capacity requirement

Typically, it takes around 3-4 hours to charge a Smartphone (depends on hardware specs), or at least that’s what it takes my HTC EVO 4G depending on whether or not I use the trickle charge method (USB). So, obviously it will around the 4 hour mark with this little number. Another thing I like is that it’s smaller than a few other similar products I’ve seen and used.

Operation on this device is simple. One button powers it, a blue LED informs you when full, and a micro USB port for charging.


  • -6600 mAhs of reliable power
  • Two USB charging ports (- 1A and 2.1A)
  • Dual Charging: charge two USB powered devices at the same time
  • Works with USB powered mobile devices (smartphones, cameras, tablets, MP3 players etc.)
  • Built-in short-circuit, over-charge, and temperature protection
  • Designed for compact portability
  • Smart LED power capacity display
  • Protective carry pouch, MicroUSB cable, and power adapter included


  1. Portability
  2. 2 (two) USB ports – 2.1A and 1A
  3. So simple, your mom could figure it out


  1. Slower than charging from a powered outlet.
  2. You can’t charge your devices while you charge the portable battery.
  3. Another device to carry around.
GearPower High Capacity Mobile Power Station

The above mentioned device will not only be lusted after by Android users but, anyone looking for an external power supply.  You wouldn’t believe how many times I heard the “I sure wish I remembered my iPhone charger today” in just a single week.  Let’s just say that if I were getting a commission on selling this device to my friends, I could be on a boat, sipping on drinks with little umbrella’s in them, on my way to my own person island (your move IOGEAR).

Overall, this portable power supply is my new favorite gadget for many reasons. One of which is its simplicity to achieve the one function its claims, power my gear, and do it all on the go. If you have one, considering getting one, or have tried other portable power supplies, please share your experiences and let’s compare notes.