App Review: Hunger Games Girl on Fire

Mar 30, 12 App Review: Hunger Games Girl on Fire

Welcome to the Appview – part of our new section of App Reviews. Today we’re covering the free iOS game “Hunger Games: Girl on Fire” for iOS – It’s a short game so here’s a short review.

Hunger Games is of course sweeping the nation as a book and movie craze. Honestly it’ s a lot better than twilight so I’m fairly okay with its premise and the movie was solid. However the studios have to cash in any way they can and of course spread the word. Enter the Girl on Fire game. They hired the creators of Cananbalt. Cananbalt is actually a great fun little addicting game with dead simple gameplay. However they sold their formula threw in some generic jungle textures from Contra and added an annoying dimension to the game – but otherwise released the same thing – It’s great to see a little indie studio make good, but terrible to see that so little originality made it into the project.

Where in Cananbalt you simply auto-run forward and take the time to jump at the proper moments, in Hunger games you auto run forward and jump either up or down. Considering the breakneck pack that these games take – that in itself is enough to break the formula a little. Then, waves of enemies come in that have to be ‘tapped’ to be shot by your bow. It doesn’t sound too complex. However it’s an immensely frustrating experience. It feels like an overcomplicated sequel to a game that was built on maximum simplicity. Trying to keep track of switching from high to low, while being attacked by 4-6 enemies at a time with no break, means that the challenge level is basically the Battletoads “speeder” level ALL THE TIME. This results in a phone-throwing fit of rage that will either drive you to supernatural heights of tap frenzied gameplay, or more likely, cause you to exit out, uninstall it and never want to look at it again. Despite being free, this game still isn’t worth it…

The levels do eventually change to a train/shipping yard (huh?) and the enemies change very slightly in appearance. But otherwise it’s a very straightforward game. Kudos on the art, it’s pretty well done. However this kind of gameplay can’t sustain 10 minutes of my time, not to mention the hours and hours this would take to master. The graphics have that throwback pixel meets hand-drawn look to them that fires off my nostalgia radar, but it’s so endlessly boring and terrifically difficult that I quickly got sick of this. At least one thing remains solid. Games, based on movies, inevitably suck. Hollywood stop licensing talented people to make annoying crap. I hope that they guys at Semi-Secret games keep making quality titles (which they do!) but this isn’t one of them. In regards to Hunger Games, see the movie, read the books, ignore the game.