5 Most Anticipated Games of 2012

Feb 16, 12 5 Most Anticipated Games of 2012

I’ve always had a hard time with the thought of organizing my excitement for new game releases into a “Top X” list. With large, main stream releases and their expensive marketing budgets, its easy to see what’s on the horizon for an extended period of time. Yet with these titles their is always the fear that they will not meet your expectations, especially if they are sequels to a original hit. Did they change too much? Did they not change enough? Will they turn everything I loved about the original into shit? You never know and its all but a guessing game. Then there are the sleeper titles that I may not even know about until a month/week away from release. Suddenly I’m adjusting my schedule (and funds) to make room for this unexpected “must have” title.

So what am I trying to say? I guess its that this list shouldn’t be taken as a “expect these games to rock 2012!” list but more of a list of games to keep an eye on. Games that have either done well in the past or games that have solid folks at the wheel in their development.


Planetside 2


New Conglomerate faction troops

To anyone unfamiliar with the original Planetside game I’ll try to brief you on the basics. Planetside was a first person shooter game that allowed hundreds of individual users to fight for control over a single location on an world map. Battles were not fought by 8v8 or 12v12, they were fought by 200vs200 and larger. In summary it was a game not only about individual user ability but the ability to play tactically with other people amongst your faction.

Planetside had something for everyone, infantry options were expansive including various weapon choices as well as roles users could take on to assist in the battle. Not limited to basic infantry units, players could assign certificates earned by leveling to use vehicles ranging in air/ground transport vehicles, light/heavy assault aircrafts, light/heavy ground assault vehicles.

The game was immense, the battles were furious and it was the best time I’ve had playing an MMO. Ever. To give you a better idea of the scale of Planetside and the usefulness of team organization, I offer the following youtube video as a reference.

I wont go into details about Planetside 2 as details are sparse but hoping the game caries over much of what made the original so great, I expect this to be a favorite title for me for a long time.


Mass Effect 3


Mass Effect 3
If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last few years, you might have heard of a little title called Mass Effect. The epic, space shooter/rpg is set to make its grand finale March 6th. Granted, when I say finale there is always the chance that the studio will will return with a 4th, 5th, 6th or however many it takes before people get sick of it.

The first two titles in the Mass Effect series are great. Epic story with moral choices that define your character, intense gameplay that is fun and rewarding (minus all the mining dullness) and much much more. Seriously, why are you still reading this, go play the first two and order the third. I’m Cliff Nau and this is one of my favorite games in this post.


Double Fine Adventure


Shut up and take my money!

Now this is a perfect example of games not on your radar. Tim Schafer, creator of many beloved point and click adventures, uses the power of the internet to make over 1 million dollars in one day. All I get from the internet is advice on how to make my penis larger (how do they know!?)

The idea was simple, get backing from the fans of old school adventure games to fund your gaming project. A small backing of $15 gets you the game and behind the scenes footage of the folks at Double Fine making the game. It’s a no brainer for fans and a true win/win, Double Fine gets your money and fans get their classic adventure game.

The question is, now that Double Fine has raised over $1.8 million and with funds still trickling in, will they be able to live up to the size of the project? Did the project go from a fun idea of making a point and click adventure game to something that demands a higher level of quality? Will the the pressure be turned up now that the project isn’t funded by a faceless publisher but by the fans themselves?

Eh who knows but it sure looks like its going to be a fun ride. Now shut up and take my money Double Fine!


MechWarrior Online

MechWarrior Online

Whats not to love about MechWarrior. Giant mechanized robots with customizable armor, weapons and paint jobs that fight in arenas? Yes please. Honestly this game should have been released years ago but with the legal troubles that plagued this title its a miracle that it’s gotten this far. This is another game that offers limited details but if the new game offers any similarities to the previous few titles in the series (MechWarrior 3-4), it will be a hit.


Dawn of War 3

Dawn of War 3

Ok ok, yes I know there is no official release date and extremely limited information about the title but a guy can still hope for a release this year. I’ve recently become fascinated by the Warhammer 40k universe and enjoyed THQ/Relics last few offerings; Dawn of War 2 & Space Marine. The Dawn of War 2 series was fun and easier to absorb for the RTS newbie like me. Offering expanded replayablility, an interesting story arc between the game and its two expansions and quality multiplayer modes including the popular coop last stand mode. Space Marine is a great way of pulling additional fans into the 40k universe by merging its tabletop and RTS games into a more accessible first person shooter format. Beating the hell out of an onslaught of Ork masses is ever so satisfying.

However, I fear for the title and future titles from THQ. With financial troubles that are beginning to close studios, we can only cross our fingers that they’ll be able to salvage enough to keep producing quality games like these.

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    Would have liked to see Diablo 3 on there too :) although who knows when it’s coming out